The  Spider Pigs story

In a galaxy far far away (Newcastle, NSW) at a time when the world was in need of a hero (mid 2014), a great Spider Pig arose from the masses to become the first Alpha Pig.

His name was Raghav. 


He had a vision of a connected community, of a world where people could be friends with all people, regardless of background or creed. He imagined a place where all people were welcome, where they could come together unified by one commonality - the need for other people. 


So he created the Spider Pigs on meetup.com a group for all people to find their people. 


But then as life took a turn our hero, Raghav had to move away and called upon the Pigs to find his successor. Someone to take his place as Alpha Pig. Milly, a fresh new Spider Piglet had grown so much under his wing already and couldn't bear to lose the group she had so quickly learned to cherish. So she stepped up and took on the mantle and has been the Alpha Pig ever since. 


But, she has not done it alone. The Alpha Pig community has continued to grow with a trusted panel of people who help manage the group, mediate conflict and act as hosts at events. 

From volunteer committee organisers who helped make the 1000 Member Ball a night to remember, to all the Spider Pigs who attend regularly, making this group not just a drop-in-centre but a proper community of friends.


We have all made this group the accepting, friendly,

welcoming space that it is today. 

Thank you for your support and kindness.

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